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Red Sage

Clear Wind Heat (for Viruses)

Clear Wind Heat (for Viruses)

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Historically, combinations of these herbs have been used like Echinacea or Yin Qiao San. Traditionally they have proved valulable for prevention of cold/flu onset and useful for colds with fever, sore throat or yellow phlegm and certain acute, inflamed rashes.

Contains extracted and decocted Ban Lan Gen, Lian Qiao, Huang Qin, Jie Geng, Quan Gua Luo, Che Qian Zi, Fang Feng, Ge Gen, Jing, Jie, Ju Hua, Yu Xing Cao, Ban Xia, Fu Ling, Chen Pi, Chuan Xiong, Gan Cao, grain alcohol (~18% by volume), distilled water and vegetable glycerin.

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