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Silver Biotics

Silver Biotics

Silver Biotics

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  • Designed to help boost the immune system

  • Safe for children

  • All natural

  • Powerful 10 PPM nano silver solution

  • Made with SilverSol Technology®

  • Daily suggested use for Adults – 1 teaspoon up to three times daily

  • Daily suggested use for Children – ¼ to ½ teaspoon once a day

  • No artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors

  • No preservatives

  • No additives

  • Gluten free

  • 100% Vegetarian

  • Probiotic friendly

  • Scientifically tested

  • Used and recommended by Doctors

Independent studies have shown SilverSol Technology to be up to 10x more effective than products containing up to 3,000ppm silver.

 Amount per Serving: Purified Silver 50 mcg*

*Daily Value Not Established

 Other ingredients: Deionized Water. Contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives.

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